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Parish Council

Our Mission and Values

The family of St. Jerome parish aspires to serve Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior as individuals and as a community through prayer, worship, and service.  We believe that our Lord manifests His richness to us in our diversity and we seek to unite ourselves with Him and one another by welcoming and respecting His presence in all people



As followers of Jesus Christ, we embrace the values of prayer and worship, love, forgiveness service, justice, unity, solidarity, and hospitality.



Pastoral Goals

  1. Continue to unify our community and its different cultures. 


  1. Complete the remaining phases of our building projects.


  1. Promote active participation as a response to Jesus’ call to discipleship and reflect together as a community on how God calls us to stewardship. 

Finance Council




The Catholic parish community of St. Jerome, in Jerome, Idaho, in order to be good stewards of God’s gifts, promote understanding and accountability of the temporal goods entrusted to the people, establish the following Constitution and By-Laws for the St. Jerome Finance Council. 


The principles which guide the functioning of the St. Jerome Parish Finance Council are shared responsibility, collaboration, accountability, and consultation.


In order to assist the pastor in carrying out his responsibilities, in accord with the Code of Canon Law, following norms will govern the functioning of St. Jerome Finance Council.



Responsibilities of the Finance Council


A.     The Committee shall function as the Financial Council of the Parish and shall “aid the pastor in the administration of the parish goods” according to the norm of the law of the Church (Code of Canon Law, c. 537). Among its duties are:


1.      To prepare for each fiscal year a budget of the income and expenditures of the parish, and to supervise the fiscal administration of the parish according to the budget;


2.      To advise on any extraordinary expenditures not provided in the annual budget;


3.      To present at the end of each fiscal year a report of receipts, expenditures, and overall financial status of the parish to the Pastoral Council and parish community;


4.      To advise and assist the Pastor and parish in the raising of funds for the community and long-range financial support;


5.      To conduct and coordinate the annual Idaho Catholic Appeal and other diocesan collections;


6.      To advise the Pastor and Pastoral Council on the acquisition, retention, and alienation of the Parish’s patrimony and any real property owned by the Parish;


7.      And to complete other financial duties given to it by the Pastor.


B.        Under the supervision of the Pastor, the Council shall be responsible for the maintenance of all buildings and real estate belonging to the Parish.


C.        Under the supervision of the Pastor, the Council shall be responsible for any building projects and long-term planning concerning the physical plant of the parish.


D.        The Council shall make a report of its activities to the Pastoral Council at least every quarter.

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