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Welcome to Saint Jerome Parish.  We hope that you find our Parish warm and welcoming.  You are invited to explore our website.  Please join us for the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, Sacraments and our activities.

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31st  Sunday of Ordinary Time 


The Gospel scene for this Sunday takes place in the City of Jericho, the biggest, oldest, and most important city in the world at that time.  In this city , many temple priests resided.  Jesus enters the city and reveals the mercy of his Father, God.  Here we find Zacchaeus, who was not a mere commoner, but was the head of the tax collectors.  It doesn't matter what was or is, just that when Christ called, Zacchaeus responded and conversion and salvation for Zacchaeus was given.

Dear bothers and sisters, every conversion requires three very particular moments:  the moment of the Call from Christ, the moment of individual response, and finally, the moment of commitment and the effort to continue.

The head of the tax collectors, Zacchaeus, humbly responds to Christ, who will do everything that has to be done to attain conversion.  This same tax collector strives in response to see the one who called him with compassion, and so he climbs a tree in order to see the Master better, the one who had invited Zacchaeus to change his life.  Zacchaeus turns over his daily struggle and promises to return everything he had stolen, and thus live a life worthy of a follower of Christ. 


At the end of the reflection, for this Sunday, I think it should help us to ask ourselves, how is my conversion to Christ's call going?  Have I made the effort to respond to that call and what are the changes I have made in response to the call of conversion? 


 Fr. Adrián Vázquez

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