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St. Jerome's Catholic Church


Welcome to Saint Jerome Parish.  We hope that you find our Parish warm and welcoming.  You are invited to explore our website.  Please join us for the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, Sacraments and our activities.

Mass Schedule

Weekly Masses

English: Tues, Thurs-Fri.......8:00 A.M

Wed. . . . . . .10:30 A.M

Spanish: Tues....6:00 P.M

Weekend Masses

English: Saturday.......5:00 P.M.

               Sunday.........9:30 A.M

Spanish: Saturday........6:30 P.M

                 Sunday.........12:00 P.M


Tuesday.......5:00 P.M

Saturday....4:00 P.M

Or through appointment 

Upcoming Events



  • Please check your Flocknote messages for news updates.

  • Please join up for Flocknote. Text stjeromes to 84576

  •  Attend Sunday Rosary at 9:00 a.m. or 11:00 a.m.

  • Pro-Life Bilingual Rosary, every 3rd Sunday @ 11:20 am.

  • Every last Sunday of the month, we will have two immigration lawyers answering any questions everyone is invited. 

  • Lent Lunch every Friday @ 11:30am-1:30pm Feb24th- March31st

  • Chrism Mass March 30th @ 11:30am. Father will be gone no mass or Adoration. 

  • Quincineras Retreat April 1

  • First Communions- May 7th 9:30am & 12:00pm 

  • Idaho Catholic Appeal Goal this year Goal $35,125.

  • Viacrusis- Feb24th/March10th/March17th/March24th5:00pm English/6:00pm Spanish 

Isaiah 41: 10 “Do not fear: I am with you; do not be anxious: I am your God. I will strengthen you, help you, and uphold you with my victorious right hand.”


Psalm 46:2  “God is our refuge and our strength, an ever-present help in distress.”


April 1- Saturday Palm Mass

5:00pm English 

7:00pm Spanish 

April 2- Sunday Palm Mass 

9:30am English 

12:00pm Spanish 

April 6- Passover 

6:30pm Bilingual Mass 

April 7- Good Friday 

6:30pm Bilingual Mass 

April 8- Virgil Mass 

8:00pm- Bilingual mass 

April 9- Ester 

9:00am English 

12:00pm Spanish

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Father's Weekly Reflection



THIRD SUNDAY OF LENT The third Sunday of Lent presents the Gospel of Saint John, (4,5-42); The story of the woman from Samaria or Samaritan stands out here. San Mateo gives space to the Saint John to present today's evangelical story; next Sunday, will be the story of the blind man from birth, and later; the story of the resurrection of Lazarus. Saint John narrates the events of the life of Jesus, which are important, but more significant is the theological context that teaches us that salvation is not exclusive to a few, but rather to everyone who allows himself to be loved and forgiven by Christ. Jesus carefully teaches his Apostles that the proclamation of the Kingdom and conversion are for everyone, Christians, and non-Christians alike. In the History of Salvation, the Cicar well represents a key point, it’s here, in this place, that Jesus invites the Jewish people to turn to God with a humble heart and invite them to enter to the promised land renewed in fidelity to Him. More than twenty centuries ago, Jesus had the encounter with the Samaritans, today he encounters us offers us the same living what that flows from his Sacred Heart and offers it for our salvation. Let us ask our God to help us and, if today you hear his voices, hearten not your heart" (Ps.94)

Fr Adrián Vázquez




El tercer domingo de Cuaresma presenta el evangelio de San Juan, (4,5-42); destaca aquí la historia de la mujer de Samaria o Samaritana. San Mateo cede el espacio al evangelista San Juan para presentar la historia evangélica de hoy, el próximo domingo será el Ciego de nacimiento y posteriormente la resurrección de Lázaro.San Juan narra los hechos de la vida de Jesús, que son

importantes, pero más significativo es el contexto teológico que nos enseña que la salvación no es exclusiva de algunos cuantos, pero más bien de todo aquel que se deja amar y perdonar con la misericordia de Cristo. Jesús, cuidadosamente, le enseña a sus Apóstoles que el anuncio del Reino y la conversión son para todos, cristianos y no cristianos.En la Historia de la Salvación, el poso de Cicar representa un punto clave porque allí Jesús invita al pueblo judío a volverse a Dios con la renovación de la alianza y entrar a la tierra prometida renovados en la fidelidad a Papá Dios. Hace más de veinte siglos que Jesús tuvo el encuentro con los samaritanos, hoy se encuentra con nosotros y nos ofrece de esa agua viva que es como manantial que mana de su corazón y la ofrece para nuestra salvación.Pidámosle la gracias a nuestro Dios, “que no seamos sordos a tu vos” (Sal.94)

Fr. Adrián Vázquez

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